Tenchi Muyo!

Matt K. Miller is both a voice actor and professional stage actor. He is best known as the seminal character of Tenchi Masaki from the Tenchi Muyo! series.

Petrea Burchard is known as the original English voice of Ryoko Hakubi, the sexy space pirate in the Anime classic Tenchi Muyo! She began acting in Chicago at The Second City, Steppenwolf, and Victory Gardens Theaters, continuing on to Los Angeles to work in television, film, and voice-over.

Hollywood became fodder for Petrea’s popular Act As If humor column at Act As If is soon to become a book.

Petrea also drew on her acting experience to write her first novel. During a summer Shakespeare acting course at Oxford, she fell in love with the English countryside, and the idea for Camelot & Vine began to take shape.

Her other published works include essays, articles, and short fiction, including the story “Portraits” in the anthology Literary Pasadena: The Fiction Edition.

You can visit her at, follow her on Twitter @PetreaBurchard, friend her on Facebook at Petrea Burchard, and Like her Facebook books and writing page, Petrea Burchard Ink. She also blogs at


Darrel Guilbeau is an American actor known primarily for his work in Anime and video games. He has been active as a voice actor since 2004, when friends asked him to audition for Overman King Gainer and he won the title role. He has voiced Mikado Ryugamine, one of the main protagonists of the Anime Durarara!!

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